So the other day my son puked at a birthday party.

In the  Kindergarten world, this really sucks. To top it off, the kid who’s birthday it was got freaked out, and made a big deal about it telling the other kids not to go near him because he would puke all over them.

I don’t know how a child goes from being one of the ‘cool kids’ to a kid that is picked on, but I had every fear in my heart that this was one of the ways. Thankfully, the other kids at the party weren’t as inconsiderate as the birthday boy – they did go near my son, and to ask him how he was feeling and if he was okay. Still, my heart ached that my son had hurt feelings or was somehow emotionally scarred by this.

I took the next morning off and took him out for breakfast to chat about his feelings. He did have some concerns about why the birthday boy behaved the way that he did, but it was clear in his mind that the birthday boy was acting in an inappropriate manner and that his other friends, the ones which asked him if he was okay, where behaving in the right way.

Sometimes kids have it all figured out before we even talk to them about things. A lot of the time I think parents can do more harm than good in situations like this by over analyzing or laying too much blame. Let your kids talk about their feelings, before you go and tell them how they should be feeling. That’s what I did in this situation, and it worked out pretty great.