On Tuesday my son starts kindergarten and my daughter, who is 14 months, starts going to daycare. You watch your kids grow up, and you really don’t want them to. You want them to stay the same as they are RIGHT NOW, so that you can enjoy them this way forever. If they get older, they’ll change. Eventually, they’ll leave your home, move away, and you’ll only see them on holidays. I certainly get it.

On the other hand, every day they grow older they also grow wiser; learning new things and getting smarter and yes, more interesting.

If I had it my way, I’d keep my kids at just the right size so that I could hug them and squeeze them tight all the time. But I can’t. No matter what I do they’ll continue to grow. As a parent, I really have no choice but to accept it, and relish every moment that I do get to spend with them while they are little. Soon enough they’ll no longer want to cuddle with me at all. And that’s what I really fear.

I suppose the right thing to do is to push them to grow, to become the people that they need to be, to achieve the things that they were meant to achieve, and not to push my own agenda on them, even though they can learn so much from the mistakes that I’ve made. But, I suppose I’ve learned from the mistakes I’ve made too, and that’s why I need to give them the freedom to make mistakes on their own – to become everything that they should be, not a more practiced version of me.

I can’t stop time, so I might as well accept it. Even if I don’t want to.