In February I decided that I really had to do something to get into shape. Well, that isn’t exactly correct, because I do have a shape right now, but it’s sort of round and flabby as opposed to flat and rigid. Perhaps I should say that I decided that I really had to get into BETTER shape.

A long time ago I started a running program and I really enjoyed the time spent out on the streets, pounding the pavement. Eventually winter and snow and ice came to my city, and the running stopped. I had every intention of running in the snow, but come on -40 is COLD. Spring came, and I reverted to my other favorite physical activity: killing zombies on the Xbox.

In the beginning of March I made the decision to enter a local 5k race that was going to take place at the end of May. I paid my registration, and started thinking about how best to train. I decided that I would blow the cobwebs off of the elliptical trainer in my basement, and then follow the couch to 5K running plan. I’ve been pretty good about using the elliptical, but Monday marks the day that I have to get out my running shoes and start hitting the pavement again.

So Dads, if you have any encouraging stories to share with me, I would love to hear them. And on Monday if you feel the ground shaking a little, it’s just me punishing the streets in front of my house.

Happy Easter!

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