Several months ago I was interviewed by author Craig Baird for a new book that he was writing about becoming a dad for the first time. Craig is a well-established author, and I knew that he was interviewing many other fathers for his book, so I was really honored just to be selected for the interview process. I signed a release form so that my information could be used if my interview happened to be one of the few that would end up being selected.

Time passed and I had not heard anything about the book for some time, so I assumed that I had not made the cut. Imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when I opened my mailbox and found a copy of I’m Going to Be a Dad: Now What? Everything You Need to Know About First-Time Fatherhood inside of an envelope. Hurriedly, I flipped through the book, hoping to find my name, and I did. A two page spread chronicling some of my experiences leading up to the birth of Nick and the changes that he brought into our life. It felt great to be given the chance to share my experiences with so many potential readers, just as I share a lot of my thoughts with all of you here.

I wanted to post the story here immediately, but I thought it would be prudent to actually read the book first, to make sure that it was worth talking about. Featured in it or not, I try my best to provide only good information to all of you.

So, I took some time to read the book, and I was impressed. The book really focuses on first-time dads, and most of the information contained in it will be old news for anyone who already has children. However, if your significant other is pregnant right now for the first time, I would really recommend picking the book up and reading through it. If it’s been a while since you’ve had small kids in the house, the book could also serve as a refresher course on babies. It is well-written, and offers many different viewpoints through interviews with real-world dads.

You can buy the book from by clicking here.