I am a big fan of podcasts; I listen to several as a way of keeping myself educated and informed on business matters. I’ve been searching for a good fatherhood podcast for some time, with limited success. It’s not so much that the podcasts haven’t been good, just that they haven’t really struck a chord with me. For example, the GeekDads podcast is very well done, but just didn’t really catch my attention.

A couple of weeks ago I visited Cast Of Dads and downloaded episode 7. Entitled “We Were All Morons”, I thought it was worth a listen. Unfortunately, it took me until yesterday to listen to the podcast – it was worth the wait.

The podcast consists of 5 Dads who are responsible for 13 children across a wide range of ages. The banter was natural, and really sounded like a group of guys just getting together and talking about the things that were on their minds.The podcast included a great discussion on dealing with bullying that I though was handled really well. All too often a group of guys would revert to bravado and deny that they or their children were ever bullied. Instead, these men offered up personal insights and workable solutions to the problem. Bravo.

So if you, like me, enjoy listening to podcasts, please check out the Cast of Dads. Their podcast is located at:http://castofdads.squarespace.com.

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