My son is becoming a thrill junkie. It all started innocently enough. Driving a truck on icy winter roads means that from time to time we would do a little fishtail when going around corners or when starting out from a stoplight. The ensuing giggles encouraged Dad to try a couple of donuts in an empty parking lot. This was greeted with a wonderful “Whee!” sound from the back seat. (It also led to my wife asking me why Nick asked her to “do some donuts” on a morning when she drove him to daycare. Oops.)

However, the thrill seeking reached its peak about a month ago. I took Nick to a nearby hill with his sled. Now, it’s not as if I went out and bought the boy a GT Snow Racer or a snowboard – he’s got a classic kiddie sled – wooden, with two ski’s, sides, and a curved back. The hill was busy that day, with lots of older kids sledding off jumps and racing each other. I got Nick seated in the sled, then took him part way up the hill. I turned him around and gave him a gentle push. He went sliding down the hill, coming to a stop a little ways away.

Hearing no sound, I ran up to Nick and asked him what he thought. No response. “Nick, was that fun?” I asked. He nodded. “Do you want to try again?” He nodded.

We repeated the experiment a couple more times. It didn’t seems as if he was really enjoying himself, so I asked him if he wanted to go home. The reply was clear. Mustering all the anger he could, he turned around, pointed to the hill and yelled, “No! I want to go to the TOP!”.

We continued sledding for a while, moving further and further up the hill each time until I was comfortable with how stable his sled was, and we eventually reached the top of the hill. By now, Nick was having so much fun that he was getting out of the sled by himself at the bottom of the hill and starting back up before I could reach him.

Since then we’ve gone sledding a couple more times, and each time he gets more confident. He now tells me the direction he wants to go and the path that he wants to take. He asks me to give him a push so that he goes faster, and now wants to race someone down the hill each time.

I think that’s pretty cool. It’s time for Dad to pick up a sled. Maybe that GT Snow Racer that I always wanted as a kid.

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