Yesterday morning Mom left for a four day conference on the coast, leaving Nick and I to fend for ourselves.

As expected, so far we have killed the cat, lost our shoes, and managed to survive by eating only potato chips and soda.

Just kidding.

It’s funny that the perception of fathers being terrible parents is so pervasive in our society. I’m not sure if it is because TV commercials and sitcoms make us look stupid, or if TV commercials and sitcoms make us look stupid because that is the prevailing attitude in society, but either way that attitude has to change. There are millions of single dads out there, and many more stay-at-home-dads that are doing a great job of raising their kids.

I’m having a great time with my boy this weekend. Sure, its harder when you don’t have someone else to take over for half an hour while you run out to the store, but it’s not impossible. While I do the dishes, Nick plays. While I cook supper, Nick watches Thomas & Friends. When I go to the store, he comes with me.

We miss Mom, but this isn’t an unbearable situation in the short run.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the pizza guy is here and I need to find my pants.

(Kidding again!)