It continues to amaze me just how fast my boy is growing. He’s learning all of these new things: most of them really good, some of them not so much.

The latest “not so much” trick involves clothing. Yes, he has started to take it off by himself. Don’t get me wrong, he hasn’t started stripping in public or anything that serious yet, but more and more in the evenings the clothes are coming off.

It starts off innocently enough – with the socks. “Hey, I can relate”, I think to myself, “sometimes I like to take off my socks and go barefoot or put on slippers in the evening.” So, the socks come off. Then the pants started to disappear. “Well, it is summer. He’s wearing long pants, and he’s probably hot.”

Last week though, things came to a head. First the socks came off. Then the pants. Then, he started fiddling with the sticky tabs on his diaper. Before I could get to him, the diaper was on the ground. No more than two seconds could have passed before I got to him… but it was enough time for him to say, “Daddy, I PEEEED!”

I assume that he had intended to go to the potty (we are letting him use it occasionally, as a way to get him comfortable with it). But, maybe he waited too long, or didn’t really understand the process. Either way, he was wet. And so was the couch. No real problem; I bought a truckload of SpotShot this spring, so the couch was easy to clean up. Mommy took care of the boy and found him a new diaper and some new pants.

I know many of you can relate 🙂

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