We have used Baby Tylenol since Nick was an infant to treat his fevers and other pain. One complaint that I always had, especially once he got older, was the dosing device included with the medicine. Baby Tylenol comes with a small 1.0 ml eyedropper dispenser that is not entirely easy to use. In addition, as Nick grew, his dose grew to be larger than 1ml, meaning that we would have to go through the entire procedure twice. This is not easy to do with a crying baby. Also, I don’t really think the act of putting a used dropper back into the bottle of medicine is the safest thing to do; after all, if your child is sick, there are likely to be germs on the dropper.

My solution has been to collect the syringes from the various antibiotics that Nick has been on and use them. These syringes have excellent markings on them for volume, and are easy to take apart and clean. Also, because you can squirt them out pretty quickly, it’s easy to give the medicine to the baby. The problem with this is that the syringe doesn’t fit into the bottle of Tylenol, so I end up spilling when loading the syringe. I asked and looked at all the pharmacies nearby, and could not find a narrower syringe.

Well, last week Nick was having a really hard time with some tooth pain. He had 4 teeth coming in all at once, and he would cry especially hard near bed time. Giving him Baby Tylenol at bed time really helped, but it wore off, and he was waking up at 1am to cry again. Frustrated, we bought a bottle of Baby Advil which was supposed to be effective for 8 hours.

When I opened the box of Baby Advil I was rewarded with a wonderful sight – a 3.0ml syringe narrow enough to fit into the bottle! Yeah! Unfortunately, the syringe is marked only at 1.0ml, 1.4ml, and 3.0ml, but since these are the recommended dosages it’s not really a problem. To make things even better, the Baby Advil allowed Nick to sleep the entire night without waking up in pain.

So kudos to you Advil for thinking about how your medicine is actually used and designing a dispenser that makes it easy. I won’t be buying Baby Tylenol again.