Saturday Nick and I went to McDonalds for lunch.

I had a Big Mac Meal, and I ordered Nick a Happy Meal. That was pretty cool. Chicken fingers, french fries, and a milk.

I recall going to McDonalds with my dad as a child. The Happy Meal was a staple for kids in the early 80’s (and today, I suppose). The little bag, the food, the toy… it was fun.

I think there are two REALLY cool things about being a Dad. The first is the ability to try and make right all the wrongs that we experienced as a child. This can be bad (as with all the dads who never got to play hockey as a child, and so force their kids to play even when they don’t want to), but it can also be good (like playing catch with your son when your dad was always too busy, or buying your son the big Tonka dump truck you always wanted).

The second REALLY cool thing is simply sharing your happy childhood memories with your kids. This could mean watching all of your favorite movies, reading your favorite books, or going to the neighbourhood swimming pool.

Or, taking your son to McDonalds for his first Happy Meal.