I was travelling out of town on business last week, and I ended up in my hotel room one night looking for something on television.

As I watched the on screen TV guide scroll past, I was delighted to see that channel 34 was playing “The Backyardigans”. I flipped over there to see which episode it was, on the off chance it was one I hadn’t yet seen.

Sadly, I had already seen this particular episode (It was season one, episode 8: “The Key to the Nile”, moral: “You can get almost anything you want if you just say please and thank you.”). However, this made me ask a question of myself. If I hadn’t seen the episode that was playing, would I, a 33 year old man alone in a hotel room in a strange city, have spent 30 minutes watching the exploits of five anthropomorphized animals?

I guess we’ll never know; instead I watched Mike Holmes new show, “Holmes in New Orleans”. It wasn’t very good. Maybe if Mike Holmes had added a couple of song and dance numbers and finished the show with a tasty, healthy snack I would have enjoyed it more…