The time has come for Nick’s first haircut. Actually, it came a few weeks ago, but my wife and I have been taking turns coming up with reasons to delay the inevitable. I don’t know why exactly, except perhaps that babies don’t need to get their haircut…which of course means that Nick is no longer a baby, and that he’s growing up already.

Already! How could this be? He walks, and talks (kind of), he plays with toys and watches TV… When he was born people warned us that he would grow up fast, but I never imagined that it would be this fast. If there is one thing kids teach you, it is the value of time. It is truly the one commodity in our lives that we can never get more of.

Back to the haircut: A few months ago I found an old-school barber shop located in a hotel in the city. The barber shop probably looks the same today as it did 80 years ago; it is complete with barber poles, checker floors, and classic chairs. I had originally intended to start going there myself, but never did. It seems like the perfect place for a father to take his son for his first cut, and a great place to snap a few photographs.

I’m not really sure how he will react to getting plunked in a chair and having his hair cut; if the way he reacts to nail clippers are any indication it could be a bit of a wild time. The plan is for me to get my hair cut first, while he watches, and then have him follow directly after me. Hopefully he will be interested and comfortable enough to sit still and get it over with quickly.

I’m a sentimental guy, I’m already imagining this becoming a monthly ritual for the two of us; perhaps breakfast out somewhere together, and then a haircut, followed by a trip to the bookstore. Time flies pretty fast with these kids, and that seems like a nice way to spend some Saturday mornings for the next 16 years or so.