Nick has had several ear infections in the past few months; we finally ended up with a referral to an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist) to have him evaluated.

In a way, it was good timing – he was fighting a cold at the time of the appointment, so the Doctor got to see him in a situation ripe for an ear infection.

The Doctor was able to do some really interesting tests. He had a machine that applied pressure to the eardrum and then measured the response; it was also able to tell a little bit about the shape of the eardrum.

The results – Nick’s eardrums were slightly concave, which is normal for a child recovering from an ear infection. Also, his eardrums moved freely and responded to the changing air pressure. What this meant was that: 1) he was getting better, 2) he didn’t have any hearing problems, and 3) there was no need for tubes to be installed in his ears. All great things.

The final advice of the Doctor was not to take Nick to the Doctor every time he has a cold or seems to be tugging at his ears. What he asked us to do was monitor Nick’s temperature; anything over 39C and we should take him to the Doctor, anything less and he should be treated with baby Tylenol.

I don’t think this advice applies to every baby in every situation, and my intention isn’t to advise you NOT to take your baby to the doctor. However, I thought I would share the information in case you were hearing something similar from your doctor, and wanted to know if other parents were being told the same thing.