“Spring has sprung, the grass is riz…I wonder where the flowers is?”

Well, spring might be a bit of an overstatement. We’ve only had three days of above freezing temperatures, but it’s been enough to melt piles of snow from our yard. I’ve been thinking about the summer with Nick, and what we’re going to do to keep him entertained at home.

We have a rather large garden in our backyard, off to the side and through an arbor. The whole idea of keeping a garden has worn off in the last few years – there is just so much else that commands our time. My plan is to convert it into a little playground.

The list of equipment that one can fit into a playground is long, and I’m not sure what to add. A swing set is always nice, as is a slide, a sandbox, and some sort of climbing wall.

What I’m thinking of doing is planting grass in half the garden, and then filling the rest with some sort of child friendly cover; perhaps recycled rubber chunks or something like that. Sand would be easiest, but I’ve heard that roaming cats like to use big areas of sand as litter boxes. This is something I’d like to avoid.

Next, I’d like to build a tower with two platforms. One low platform, about two feet up, to use to mount a slide on right now when Nick is small. Another platform, five or six feet up, that he could climb to when he gets bigger, perhaps with another slide. The top platform would be fully enclosed, and maybe even covered. If I were to make it big enough, we could camp outside in it on hot summer nights. I’m sure I could even cantilever an arm off the side to stick a swing on.

I’m not against the plastic playhouses that you see in the stores, but they do seem awfully expensive for what you get, and I’m not sure how long they would last in the hot summers and cold winters that we experience.

What have you done in your yards for your kids to play in? Do you have any pictures of play structures that you bought or built? I’d love to see them. Leave a comment below.