As Nick’s vocabulary grows larger and larger, I really need to start watching my mouth a little more closely. Slowly Nick has progressed from ‘Banana’ (NANA), to ‘Cheese’ (CHZZ), to ‘Cracker’ (KAKA), and finally to ‘Apple’ (APPA).

Over the weekend I was backing my truck out of the driveway and neglected to unplug the block heater cord from the house before driving away. Over the long hood I saw the cord stretch out taught, and then release back toward the house like a rubber band. The bright yellow plug from the block heater was clearly visible against the white snow.

“Fudge!” I yelled, though of course it was another word that begins with “F” that passed through my lips.

It was then that my eyes opened wide and I bit my tongue. Nick was giggling in the backseat, repeating “Fa, Fa, Fa”…

I just hope that the next word he learns isn’t “duck”.