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Archive for February, 2009

TED 2009 happened earlier this month, and the videos of the presentation are beginning to be posted on I’ve written about TED before, but for those of you who are new or don’t remember, TED is a convention that takes place once a year, and gathers the brightest minds on earth to come together and share ideas. In short, it is an amazing event. I’ve never been to the event (it’s invitation only, and thousands of dollars to get into), but they post the presentations online so that everyone can view them for free.

My favorite presentation so far this year is from David Merrill, a grad student at MIT. He has created toy blocks that are nothing short of amazing. Equipped with video screens, the blocks can literally do math, play music, and create interactive television. Check out the video below.



As Nick’s vocabulary grows larger and larger, I really need to start watching my mouth a little more closely. Slowly Nick has progressed from ‘Banana’ (NANA), to ‘Cheese’ (CHZZ), to ‘Cracker’ (KAKA), and finally to ‘Apple’ (APPA).

Over the weekend I was backing my truck out of the driveway and neglected to unplug the block heater cord from the house before driving away. Over the long hood I saw the cord stretch out taught, and then release back toward the house like a rubber band. The bright yellow plug from the block heater was clearly visible against the white snow.

“Fudge!” I yelled, though of course it was another word that begins with “F” that passed through my lips.

It was then that my eyes opened wide and I bit my tongue. Nick was giggling in the backseat, repeating “Fa, Fa, Fa”…

I just hope that the next word he learns isn’t “duck”.


Dad's Shoe vs Nick's Shoe

(Click on the picture for the full size image.)