How a new baby can make you a better man.

I share a computer at work with two other people – I rarely use it, but we have it at our service shop for email, word processing, and to look information up on the internet. For whatever reason, one of the other gentlemen has set MSN as the homepage. I used to find it quite frustrating (it’s a slow-loading site on that PC), but for the past couple of weeks I have actually found myself enjoying some of the articles on it.

This morning I came across a wonderful article from Best Life magazine titled The Newborn Ultimatum – How a New Baby Can Make You a Better Man. The writer, Sam Grobart, has written the article around 5 concepts that he feels Fathers know well. Those are: Talk less and listen more, Keep your cool, Know your strength, Stick to your guns, Share the spotlight. Frankly, I couldn’t agree more. My favorite quote of the article is this: “Caring for an infant is kind of like being a member of Prince’s entourage or an aide to Kim Jong-Il: You are responsible for anticipating the needs of an irrational person who is completely divorced from reality”.

I highly suggest reading the article in full at the Best Life website. The article is located here: