Nick and I have gotten into the habit of going on Saturday excursions over the past few weeks. It’s been nice; father and son venturing off into the world to do something just for the boys. I highly doubt that he gets too much out of it, as the trips are usually to places like the Home Depot or bookstores, but its fun for me. Actually, I shouldn’t say he doesn’t get anything out of it, as he seems to enjoy it, and he is fascinated by watching people walk around in stores.

A few nights ago we went to Toys R us for a quick trip to get out of the house, and hopefully to find a Halloween costume. Since he’s getting pretty steady on his feet, I let him walk around on his own in the store for a little bit. The store was almost empty, there were probably only five families in the store, but they all had kids around Nick’s age. It was a lot of fun following him around as he saw something he had to touch or attempt to taste.

I haven’t decided where we are going yet today, he’s napping, and the day is getting on. I like having the ritual though, so I’d like to find somewhere, even if it’s just the flower store to get something for his mom.

I’d love to hear about any family rituals that you other dads out there share with your kids. Leave a comment.