Do Schools Kill Creativity?

One of my favorite sites on the internet is I had never heard of TED until I stumbled across their site about a year ago, and I have been a fan ever since. Basically, it’s an organization that brings together a group of extraordinary people once a year for an exchange of ideas. It is incredibly difficult to actually get into the event, but they post a few of the videos every week on their website, for free.

Obviously, as a parent I’m concerned about both the cost and the quality of education. I often have discussions with my wife about the value of education. Certainly, we both feel a great education is a wonderful thing to have, but we do disagree on what makes a good education. I’m a hands-on kind of guy, and I value my knowledge of science and math, especially physics, which I often say is the science of the world around us. My wife is an English teacher, and has her own opinions.

I recently found a video on TED’s website about education and where it is heading in the future. Ken Robinson feels that schools and the subject structure that they currently have may in fact be limiting our children’s futures. I especially like the quote where he mentions that kids entering school today will be retiring in 2065, and they are in an educational system that is meant to prepare them for this future. However, he points out that even with all the intelligent people at the TED convention, none of them could really agree on what the world would look like in even five years.

Anyway, I really enjoy the site, and the video. I thought that I would share it with you.