Lately I have really noticed that many of the people I interact with on a day to day basis are a little lacking in the creativity department. It made me think of my last post, and then about how creative kids really are. Most kids have imaginary friends, play with all kinds of toys, set up scenarios in their heads for their GI Joes to conquer, etc.

I also noticed that as adults, we dress very plainly. Most people I know wear jeans or khakis, white sport socks, and polo shirts. This is basically the same uniform a Blockbuster Video employee wears, and no offense to Blockbuster Video, but it’s not exactly the most exciting place in town.

Then there are kid’s clothes. Nick doesn’t have a single pair of all white socks. He’s got brown ones with camouflage trim, red/blue/green striped ones, and blue and green socks. He doesn’t have boring shirts – most of them are bright vibrant colors, have cute sayings on them like “MISO CUTE” with a picture of a bowl of soup, or myriad crazy things.

I wonder what my boss would think if I walked into work tomorrow morning in a pair of Lightning McQueen coveralls, purple socks and a lime green shirt with “Let’s Make Robot Friends” written on it? No shoes of course – they impede circulation. I don’t imagine it would go over too well. Too bad really, as most adults could probably use a little bit of spark in their lives.

I have some wacky socks in my drawer from a sale at Old Navy a couple of years ago. I think that I just might start wearing them a little more often. After all, if it’s good enough for my kid, it’s good enough for me.