I’m not about to start using this blog to comment on the election, my favorite party, who the next President should be, or any of that type of thing. I know that Joe The Plumber, Joe Wurzelbacher, is a bit of a controversial figure. Some people love him, some people hate him. Frankly, I don’t care about his politics at all.

I mention him on this blog because I heard a radio interview with him this afternoon, and he made an impact on me. It wasn’t because of his political views; it was because of his dedication to his son.

During the interview, he mentioned his son more times than I could count. He wasn’t name dropping, but as he told the story about the past week and all the attention he had been receiving there was a common theme; how it affected his child. Joe talked about hiding in his living room with his son, counting the news trucks parked on his driveway. He talked about how his son felt about the attention he had been receiving. He mentioned that when the original incident happened he had been outside playing football with his son, and how their game was being interrupted by the media frenzy on the street.

The interviewer asked Joe about his background, due to some claims that had been made that he wasn’t really a plumber. Joe’s response really made me think. He said that he and his wife had divorced, and that the mother had custody of the child. In order to be near his son, he had moved whenever his ex-wife had moved, often across state lines. This repeated moving had caused him to change jobs regularly and different state’s regulations had prevented him from getting his professional license.

Think about that for a second. This guy had quit jobs and slowed his own career goals, moving across state lines simply to be near his son so that he could be a part of his child’s life.

My parents are divorced, and my Dad took a job in a different province, seemingly with no thought as to how it would affect me. The world is full of children whose live-in parents can’t be bothered to spend time with them, ask them about their day, or help them with their homework. Thousands of children every year are abandoned by their parents in times of divorce, when mom or dad feels it’s more important to spend time with their new lover than with their own kids.

Then there’s Joe. He found himself a high profile figure in the middle of a hotly contested political race. There are a thousand ways that he could have tried to spin this to make himself famous and try to get ahead. Instead, on Sean Hannity’s nationally syndicated radio show, he chose to frame his experiences by mentioning his son.

I live in Canada, and I have absolutely no stake in this election, but Joe The Plumber has made a positive impact on me. He has shown by example the type of dedication that we should have to our kids. In my first post on this blog I wrote “No matter what our position in life, when someone asks what we do, we should always be most proud to say – “The most important people in the world… Just Call Me Dad.”” I think it’s pretty obvious that Joe Wurzelbacher feels that way too.