I’ve been listening to the local media a lot today, and the news hasn’t been good. An angry high school kid, expelled from school last year has returned with a gun, and has tried to get even with the school by taking the staff and students hostage at gunpoint. Thankfully, a rapid Police response and some quick thinking by the Principal resulted in the kid being apprehended. Thank God nobody was hurt.

It’s a scary thing – kids with guns in schools. In today’s society, this is probably one of the biggest fears that we have as parents. As the spouse of a teacher I have double the fear, with the worry that both my child and my spouse could be placed in this type of situation.

When these things happen, the blame must always rest on the person committing the crime. We should not try to explain away his guilt. Still, I have to wonder about the home life of the perpetrator. Where are this kid’s parents? Are they involved in his life, or Drunks, or indifferent to him and his world? It makes no difference once the act has been committed, but could it have been prevented? Being a parent isn’t just about feeding and clothing kids, it’s also about providing direction, morality, and guidance to your kids. It behooves us as parents to think about our own positions so that we can adequately talk to our kids about them.

I sincerely hope that everyone is alright, and hope and pray that there is a lot of community support for those impacted. I also hope that nobody else gets the idea to copycat this event in the coming days.

Update: as of late this afternoon, the Police have announced that the student was armed with a pellet gun. Aside from a few minor injuries from kids rushing out the doors, everyone was fine. It sounds like everything worked out alright this time.