I had a wonderful weekend. It was Nick’s First Birthday, and we had a house full of people. A few friends, a slew of Grandparents, a Great-Grandparent, and Aunts and Uncles descended on our quiet home to wish Nick a wonderful day. There was a pile of presents too, including a wagon, two child sized chairs, and more toys and books than even old Dad could possibly ask for.

And of course, there was a great big cake – decorated like a building block. Nick wasn’t too sure if he liked the taste of cake initially, but he warmed to it fast and tried to stuff a whole piece into his mouth at one time. I have piles of wonderful memories from the day, and about 100 pictures to sort through so that Nick will be able to look back and see all the people who love him, circa 2008.

So often we go about our lives and we get bogged down in the details of who said what at work, or we let the guy who cut us off in traffic ruin our whole evening. It’s nice to have days like this one to remind us that life isn’t about who won the football game, it’s about family and friends and sharing special moments with each other.