Welcome to Just Call Me Dad.com. I’ve been thinking about and planning this site for some time, and I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and get it started.

My name is Ryan, and I’m the proud father of an 11 month old boy named Nicholas. My intention for this site is for it to become a real resource of information for dads, both new and old. I’m going to share my experiences and things I’ve learned, new information that I come across, and maybe even some products that have been real lifesavers for me. If I can swing it, I’d also like to talk to some professionals and leading fathers, and share their experiences and words with you.

I also intend to provide a wealth of links and resources on the site to help you become the best Dad you (and I) can be. Fatherhood is a role that is immeasurably important, but is often dismissed in today’s society. Hopefully we can change that, and embrace our roles as fathers. No matter what our position in life, when someone asks what we do, we should always be most proud to say – “The most important people in the world… Just Call Me Dad.”