I’ve been away for a couple days, we hade an out of town wedding to attend. It was very interesting to see Nick react to all the people. We are a pretty quiet family, so to watch him with all this commotion was great – he handled it very well. There were LOTS of other children about, and he was great with them which was nice to see since he starts Daycare in small doses on Tuesday.

Probably the neatest thing to see was after the wedding. It was a morning wedding, so we went over to a relatives house in the afternoon to visit. They have a living room with three steps that lead up the the kitchen; the kids were playing on the lower level, and I and some of the other Dads were visiting up top (the moms were down below). My wife called out to me to show me what the boy was up to – climbing the stairs. Nick had seen me, and decided to say hi, so he climbed up the three stairs to where I was standing. Now, we have stairs in our house going down to the basement, but they are gated off to him and tiled, so he’s never played on them.

Needless to say I was pretty proud of the little boy.